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About Kristine


Kristine is best known for her role on the hit Netflix series Portlandia, and her starring role in the recently  re-released film, "The Unbookables"

Oregon born and raised, now living in  Tucson

Kristine is changing the comedy scene in Tucson in an effort to bring the local talent to the front of the stage and give them the respect they deserve. 


Kristine currently co-hosts the critically acclaimed and highly rated World Famous Frank Show, mornings on KLPX in Tucson.  On the show she brings the highest level of comedy, even that early in the morning.  

Here is some of Kristine and Frank:

Find her here weekdays 6-10 am Local Time:

Kristine also holds the distinction of being the first woman to "do" 50 states in 50 days!

You can find her podcast "Levine Large" here:


Kristine is fully embracing her reboot onto the world wide comedy stage. Her recent album "Hey Sailor" soared to the top of the comedy charts with hard hitting comedy, and honest truth that makes the world look dark and bright all at once. 

Part of the Doug Stanhope Family, she is working to tell her story to a wider audience then ever before.

A mother of three, married  four times, with stories of love, disaster and 14 years clerking in a porn store, this woman has lived to see it all, and is ready to tell you all about it! 

Upcoming Events and Appearances

The Comedy Store - LA


FEB 15th

More Details to Come!!

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Hey Sailor Album Cover

Olivia Phipps - The "F" Word U.K.

"Hey, Sailor! takes US working class life, adds a touch of swearing, feminism and apathy, and makes a refreshingly honest and very funny show. It’s a real whirlwind; depending on your tastes, you’ll make up your mind pretty much in the first two minutes. If you’re not on board by then, you’re out; and she’s not going to wait for you."

Preview and buy  the album here:


Midwest Record

 "Coming across like a real life Roseanne, and doing it without artifice, this put upon domestic goddess that's had it with everything goes for the throat in ways the networks would never let anyone do it, which is why she's on cable in "Portlandia". Hard core down & dirty stuff that tickles the funny bone almost to the point of breaking it, this is a laugh riot that really spills out into the street. " 


Amazon Editorial Review

"Kristine Levine is so “Portland,” she’s on television, but doesn’t own one. She dated a banker, but broke up with him because he wouldn’t take time off to go huckleberry picking. She even hung in there for a half-hour barefoot manifesto from a never-shoed. Honestly, it’s no wonder she migrated back to PDX to record her very first stand-up record, “Hey, Sailor!” Whether you know her from “Portlandia,” Doug Stanhope’s “Unbookables,” or the incredible, unenviable Guinness Book feat of performing stand-up in all 50 U.S. states in 50 days, Levine’s filthy mouth and buoyant attitude are equally, endearingly shocking. With a resume boasting “mother, comedian, porn shop clerk, and metal worker” and set to a soundtrack of flossed-out underground rap (with some Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Paycheck, and Gordon Lightfoot tossed in for variety), Levine is the proudly bitchy and unmistakably hilarious best friend, favorite aunt, and indoor land mammal you didn’t even know you needed."

Buy the movie here:


Kristine, The Magician, and Bruce!

Classic Kristine at Curious Comedy!

Everyone Loves a Little Bit of Fairy Dust

Kristine and Lucinda Holliday


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